Brian Daboll sees signs of comfortability with Daniel Jones and 2022 Giants offense

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New York Giants Brian Daboll
New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll, center, participates in a practice at the NFL football team’s training facility in East Rutherford, N.J., Wednesday, June 8, 2022.
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Brian Daboll left Buffalo to become the head coach of the Giants to fix what has been a decade run of inept offense. 

In New York’s first training camp, it’s unrealistic to think the offense will magically be better immediately. But Daboll and the coaching staff have seen improvement over the first week of camp. 

No position has shown as much improvement as Daniel Jones and the quarterback group. 

After a successful day of practice on Tuesday, Daboll was quick to notice how Jones has been more comfortable as he grows within the offense. 

” I think he’s he’s steadily improved since we got here. He’s learning a whole new language. It’s not just for Daniel, it’s any young quarterback or new quarterback in a new system. There’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot to handle” Daboll said Tuesday.  “He’s making progress. But we still, we’re constantly teaching and we’re evolving as to what we do.”

Part of the massive changes for the Giant’s offense has been the use of motion in practice. After having an offense last season with the lowest percentage of pre-snap motion, New York has already shown a drastic increase in practices. 

A key to the development of the offense for New York is to make sure Daniel Jones limits the number of turnovers he commits a game. In 37 NFL games, Jones has accrued 49 total turnovers – 29 interceptions and 20 fumbles lost.

While Jones is looking to continue to learn a new offensive system, Daboll and the coaching staff have been very honest about letting Jones make decisions himself. 

The balance between having a turnover-prone quarterback and wanting him to “let it rip” is a very fine line. For Daboll, and the offensive coaching staff, it’s more about keeping Jones in the right mindset. 

“We want to make the right decision, but I also think there’s an element mentally in a quarterback’s head of the fear of failure or making a mistake. I think everything is really risk/reward when you’re talking about plays for a quarterback. Like is the risk worth the reward? And if it is, let’s go ahead” Daboll added. “There are situations. There are players you don’t want to throw at. There are a lot of things that go into that. But really what I want Daniel to do is make the right play.”

Daboll’s End Goal of 2022

In the end, for Daboll, the main goal is turning around a franchise that has been historically bad over the last six seasons. 

That also sometimes means teaching a team how to win. 

“You naturally think about it. You want to try to win. If you’re a competitor, you want to win in everything you do. So, you try to, in these situations in practice, you try to create as competitive an environment as you can…everything’s about competition” Daboll said. “If you love this sport or you love to compete – you should love to compete.

The Giants have not finished with over six wins since the 2015 season. Big Blue hasn’t won a playoff game since Super Bowl XLVI. To turn around the struggling franchise, Brian Daboll is tasked with building a winning culture out of a collection of talent that hasn’t quite put it all together yet. 

As training camp goes on, the new head honcho in New York will be expecting to see more comfortability from his quarterback. Once they get that from Jones, the rest of the offense will follow. 

You’re already seeing some of that this week as well. 

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