DraftKings Ohio promo code: $200 free bet is live as launch countdown continues

draftkings ohio promo code

Ohio residents are less than four weeks from enjoying online sports betting, but can unlock a slam-dunk pre-registration bonus today. A DraftKings Ohio promo code sets aside a sizable chunk of house money for early sign-ups for the NYD launch.

This can’t-miss promotion reserves $200 for any state registrant creating a new account through our links. Each link automatically applies the DraftKings Ohio promo code necessary to activate that pool of free bets on January 1.

January is going to prove a fantastic time for Ohio residents to gain access to online sports betting. There are numerous sports taking place, many of them at critical junctures in their seasons. The NFL will be approaching its playoffs, while the final college football bowl games will be ready to take place. Major European club soccer will return from its World Cup hiatus, joining college basketball, NBA, and NHL regular season action. Additionally, there are always niche sports taking place, often on the weekends.

To reserve $200 worth of free bets for Ohio’s January 1 launch via our DraftKings Ohio promo code, click here.

Lock up $200 for Jan. 1 Launch with DraftKings Ohio Promo Code

As 2022 draws to a close, Ohio residents inch ever close to legally enjoying online sports betting, beginning January 1. A DraftKings Ohio promo code makes that wait more palatable by granting anyone registering now a generous bonus. This page helps interested parties acquire and utilize a special DraftKings Ohio promo code that activates that bonus. That promo code actually gets keyed in for you when you click and link on this page.

By creating a first-time DK Sportsbook account in this way, the registrant automatically gains $200 worth of free bets. Those free wagers populate in the sign-ups account when they login on New Year’s Day. Those plays show up in the form of eight $25 free picks with no limitations regarding bet type or sport. As such, the new patron can choose to invest in any of January’s great action on the house’s dime.

Breakdown of How to Correctly Install DraftKings Ohio Promo Code

DraftKings Sportsbook has long had its finger on the pulse of what the betting public wants and needs. Thus, it’s no surprise that DraftKings constructed this promotion in such a way that it was headache-free to enjoy. In fact, we broke down the simple bonus acquisition process below. That way, you can create your account and reserve your house money in no time flat.

  • At first, you need to click here to automatically engage the required DraftKings Ohio promo code.
  • After that, you must register for a first-time DK Sportsbook account. In order to do so, you must input info like your name, email, birthdate, and address.
  • Thirdly, when Ohio’s launch day (January 1) does arrive, simply login to your account. As a result, you will gain access to eight $25 free wagers (summing to $200).
  • At last, you will then have the ability to place those eight free bets however you wish.

CFP National Champions Odds Set

Sure, pre-registering for this promotion now means you have to wait a few weeks to use your $200. However, the wait for those soon-to-be bettors using our DraftKings Ohio promo code will be worth it. After all, January is loaded with amazing sporting contests right out of the gate. Major European club soccer leagues return from their time off for the World Cup. The NFL plays a batch of Week 17 games on New Year’s Day itself. Additionally, several college bowl games will segue perfectly into college football’s National Championship Game on January 9.

After the conference championship games were settled last weekend, the final CFP rankings were revealed. The top four teams earned the right to play in the CFP Semifinals on New Year’s Eve. The top seed plays the fourth seed, while the second plays the third. The two winners subsequently advance to the January 9 finale. Here is that Top-4 and each school’s odds to win the National Championship:

  • #1 Georgia (-125).
  • #2 Michigan (+290).
  • #3 TCU (+1600).
  • #4 Ohio State (+360).

To reserve $200 worth of free bets for Ohio’s January 1 launch via our DraftKings Ohio promo code, click here.

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