Following a chilling three-minute ovation for Derek Jeter in his 14th All-Star Game on Tuesday, a Harris Interactive poll measuring America's favorite athletes found the shortstop at No. 3.

In his final season, the Yankees captain will continue his victory lap around major-league ballparks, concluding an illustrious career that has spanned two decades. Jeter has spent all 20 seasons in pinstripes, bringing five World Series championships to the Big Apple and continuing the dynasty established by legends before him.

And, despite the fact that there are Yankees haters across the country, the Midsummer Classic highlighted the respect across the 29 other fan bases for Jeter, whose penchant for playing the game properly has made him a legend in his own right.

Jeter is eighth on the all-time hits list with 3,408 and likely will pass Carl Yastrzemski (3,419) and Honus Wagner (3,430) this season, barring a second-half injury.

LeBron James topped the list of most popular athletes, followed by Michael Jordan, Jeter and Peyton Manning. Kobe Bryant and Dale Earnhardt Jr. tied for fifth.