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Jeter on A-Rod: 'It's over and done with'

The Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, left, celebrates scoring

The Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, left, celebrates scoring with Alex Rodriguez during a game against the Rangers on May 7, 2011. Photo Credit: Getty Images

TAMPA, Fla. - Derek Jeter didn't sound relieved, just matter of fact.

The shortstop, after working out at the Yankees' minor league complex Monday morning, answered several questions about Alex Rodriguez's decision Friday to drop his lawsuits against MLB and the players' union, as well as the announcement he won't attend spring training.

"I can't tell you what he's thinking, I can't tell you if he's glad about this or glad about that, you have to ask him," Jeter said. "For us, we don't have to deal with it. It's over and done with. It's a situation he has to deal with. It is what it is. He's not going to be here this year so you have to find ways to get it done."

The shortstop said he exchanged "some texts" with A-Rod after Friday's news broke but would not elaborate.

"Ask him," Jeter said with a smile. "It's not my job to answer for him."

Jeter also would not take the bait on feeling any sense of reprieve that spring training won't be overshadowed by a daily barrage of "how do you feel about A-Rod being here?" questions, though he did allow the way things have played out shouldn't cause much of a distraction. Certainly not the kind if Rodriguez had decided to show up in Tampa.

"It's not a distraction unless it's something that you have to talk about all the time," Jeter said.

Leaving the Yankees "no choice," he said, but to move on.

"It is what it is," Jeter repeated. "He's not here for this season so we're going to have to find ways to win with the team that we have."

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