Jets’ Decker vs. Patriots’ Revis favors New England

The Jets finally got their top receiver in Eric Decker, and the Patriots countered by giving Darrelle Revis, Gang Green’s best-ever cornerback, a one-year deal.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Revis covering Decker favors Bill Belichick’s team.

That’s not a slight on Decker, whose impressive stats have been subject to unfair skepticism because his quarterback in Denver the past two years has been Peyton Manning. After all, he did manage to catch eight touchdowns in 2011 when Tim Tebow and his 46.5% completion rate led the Broncos to the postseason. Geno Smith is no Tebow, and that’s a good thing.

But even during a season in which Revis was still working back from a torn ACL — suffered while with the Jets in 2012 — he was selected to the Pro Bowl and had a productive season with the Buccaneers. Not everyone can be like the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson and chase records immediately after such an injury; most athletes need at least a year to return to pre-injury form.

With that one year out of the way, Revis is bound to do great things for the Patriots instead of against them. That, in turn, means the opposite for the Jets at least twice next season, health permitting.

In most of the remaining 14 games next season, Decker should have a big impact. He’s a solid bet to become the Jets’ first 1,000-yard receiver since Jerricho Cotchery in 2007. But don’t expect much of that total to come while Decker is marooned on Revis Island.