Rex Ryan has rid himself of all reminders of his Jets tenure -- even going so far as to alter his well-publicized upper-arm tattoo of his wife, Michelle, wearing a green Mark Sanchez "No. 6" jersey.

The new Buffalo Bills head coach went to an Arizona tattoo parlor last Friday to get his arm accessory updated, darkening the once-Jets green jersey into a shade of Bills blue.

"I mean, you've got to turn the page," Ryan told the Wall Street Journal.

Ryan already has swapped his trademark black sweater vests, which became a superstition for him during Jets games, in exchange for blue sweater vests with the Bills' logo. He told the paper his wife donated all his Jets gear to the Salvation Army in suburban New Jersey.

The popular Ryan, best known for his brash and over-confident ways, spent six seasons as head coach of the Jets, starting in 2009. He was fired on Dec. 29, 2014, following a 4-12 season.