The Yankees may have a lost a "model" fan.

Supermodel Kate Upton revealed on "Live with Kelly and Michael" last week that the Bombers forced her not to show any support for the Detroit Tigers when she attended last Wednesday's game at the stadium, despite the fact she's dating Detroit pitcher Justin Verlander. Upton, 22, said she was crushed because she used to be a huge Yankee fan.

"The Yankees told me, 'You're not allowed to wear a Tigers hat. You're not allowed to wear any Tigers gear.'

"It's like a bad breakup," she said.

The Yankees didn't return messages for comment.

The model and actress said she and Verlander, 31, poke fun at each other at the expense of his intense athletic regimen. Her Tigers gear plays a fun role, she said. "He always says anytime we're fighting I wear a Yankees hat. And when we're getting along I'm wearing a Detroit hat," she joked.