Carmelo Anthony's regular season probably is over, but he still plans to play one more time - Sunday's All-Star Game at the Garden.

Anthony said in an interview with ESPN Radio on Thursday that "it's very likely" he will shut it down after the All-Star Game and have surgery on his left knee. In the same interview, Anthony said he will play Sunday "even if it's a few minutes."

One of the NBA's worst-kept secrets this season has been Anthony's plan to have surgery after the All-Star Game. He might have had it already had the All-Star Game not been in front of his home crowd.

Anthony aggravated his knee in Monday's loss to the Heat and removed himself from the game. Afterward, he said he was getting closer to having surgery.

It's unclear if Anthony would have tried to play a little more after the break had he not "irritated" the knee Monday. But he said Thursday he probably will have the knee addressed after Sunday's All-Star Game.

"It's very likely," he said. "It's very likely. Now I got to start thinking about the future. This season is this season. So I really want to just sit down with my team, and sit down with the proper people to just kind of plan this thing out and just see exactly what I have to do to get done and just to fix it."