In the 2009 NBA Draft, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was selected seventh overall, one spot ahead of the Knicks.

Six years later, Curry said he still thinks about what may have been had he slipped to the Knicks at No. 8.

“Sometimes I think about what it would have been like to be drafted here, if the story would have been different,” Curry said Friday at NBA All-Star Media Day. “That’s a hard game to play with.”

But Curry, who’s averaging 23.6 points per game this season, said he loves Golden State. “Being six years down the road now, and I’m having a great time in Golden State,” he said.

Knicks fans still think about what could have been with Curry, and can’t let go of how close the Knicks were to having him play at The Garden on a nightly basis.

“We just played here this past weekend, walking out of the tunnel, everybody was saying, ‘We were one pick away!’” he said. “I get tweets about it all the time, they can’t let it go.”