Citi Pavilion emphasizes socializing at Mets games — and free beer

Even when the Mets aren’t winning, Citi Field continues to look for more ways to welcome fans to the ballpark.Case …

Even when the Mets aren’t winning, Citi Field continues to look for more ways to welcome fans to the ballpark.

Case in point, its upgraded Citi Pavilion keeps with the times as more major league venues are accommodating fans who are both out to watch a ballgame and also be social with a group of friends, family or co-workers.

“With everything we do, we’re trying to enhance the experience at Citi Field,” said Ryan Djabbarah, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sponsorships & Marketing with Citi. “… Really, we wanted a space with more openness to it.”

The roomy, 2,160 square-foot space, which is not actually new but underwent a face-lift during the offseason, is located off the Shea Bridge in right field and overlooks the bullpen.

The section features 60 seats, which offer more room than most other sections at the ballpark, and each one swivels to make it easy to turn and face a friend behind you. Plenty of phone-charging stations are available, too.

“People are liking the versatility of the space — and the views,” Djabbarah said.

Groups must purchase at least 15 tickets, making Citi Pavilion a match for larger outings such as office get-togethers, bachelor or bachelorette parties, as well as those with kids who may need more space to roam a bit. Matchup-flexible prices run between $120 and $200.

A bar serving unlimited Stella Artois and Bud Light — provided patrons behave themselves and aren’t singled out by Citi Field’s alcohol compliance monitors — is available at the center of the section. Canned sodas and water bottles, plus bags of chips and peanuts, also are readily available for ticket holders.

Djabbarah said it was the Mets who drove the decision to keep the beer flowing free — through the seventh inning or two hours after the scheduled first pitch, whichever comes first, according to the team’s website. He said fans have appreciated the perk, as well as all everything else Citi Pavilion provides without leaving the section.

Scott Fontana