With both of New York's major-league teams entering baseball's postseason, fans looking to purchase tickets should be wary of scams, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.

Scammers often target major sporting events and concerts to rip off consumers, according to a Sunday news release from Schneiderman's office.

"New Yorkers have much to be excited about with both the Mets and the Yankees in the playoffs," Schneiderman said in the release. "Fans should follow a few simple steps to avoid falling victim to scammers who may target ticket buyers for the big games."

When the Super Bowl XLVIII was played in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in February 2014, hundreds of fake tickets and tens of millions of dollars in counterfeit merchandise were seized by law enforcement officials, the release said.

Scammers can sell different kinds of fake tickets, including those printed from personal computers and original tickets that have been voided because they already have been sold via online ticket-selling websites.

Fans seeking to buy tickets should first check the teams' websites for their purchase options, officials said.

Also, ticket prices that are "too good to be true" should be a warning sign, as well as vendors who ask to be paid in cash.

"If you buy from a ticket broker, it is best to buy from brokers operating pursuant to a New York state license," the release said."Tickets from reputable brokers may be expensive, but they may come with added protections. For example, some brokers will provide replacement tickets or full refunds if the tickets turn out to be fake."

To report fake tickets or call the Consumer Frauds Bureau at 800-771-7755 or visit www.ag.ny.gov/consumer-frauds/contact.