New York City FC’s Ethan White rides the subway daily

Ethan White joined New York City FC in a December trade with the Philadelphia Union.

Ethan White joined New York City FC in a December trade with the Philadelphia Union. On Saturday, his new team will face his old one in Chester, Pennsylvania.

White, who started the season-opening victory for NYCFC (1-2-3, 6 points), made 28 appearance for the Union (3-3-0, 9 points) in 2013 and 2014.

The 26-year-old defender shared with amNewYork his thoughts on his new home city and the NYCFC fan base.

What did you think of New York City when you first visited?

I was 15, and I thought it was really busy but really cool because there was always something going on. I like to people watch so there was always something to look at.

How do you like riding the subway?

I ride it every day. It’s my main mode of transportation.

What do you love most about the city?

I love the different neighborhoods — SoHo, LES, the Village, and how they all have their own kind of identity. There is always something to do for whatever style of crowd you are hanging out with.

Favorite restaurant in the city?

Vandal — LES. Good tapas.

What is your favorite off-the-pitch memory of the city?

Recently, I took a bike ride through Central Park, and that was cool.

Favorite New York team other than New York City FC?

None. I’m from Washington, D.C. I can’t like other New York sports teams!

What makes New York soccer fans unique?

From all the clubs I’ve been at in my career, the New York fans are the best. All of my interactions have been super welcoming. I will ask them random stuff on Twitter and they will always hit me back. It’s been a great back-and-forth between myself and the fans.

Do you have any gameday rituals?

Always wake up and make the same breakfast sandwich — thin-sliced rye bread, fried egg, avocado, two pieces of bacon and sriracha — open faced.

Who was your childhood soccer hero?

[Zinedine] Zidane is my favorite player of all time. [Carles] Puyol is the best defender I have ever seen.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Photography is one of my passions off the field. Follow me @ethanwhite on Instagram!


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