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Odell Beckham Jr. not interested in fantasy football

Odell Beckham #13 of the Giants celebrates his

Odell Beckham #13 of the Giants celebrates his fourth-quarter touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014. Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac

Odell Beckham Jr.'s real life is its own form of fantasy football, but when it comes to the actual statistic-based game, the Giants' rookie receiver said he passes rather than catches.

"It's not my thing," he said on Thursday. "I don't have time to do substitutions or anything like that. It's too time consuming."

That doesn't stop the rest of the world from playing and, if they have Beckham on their team, benefiting. According to, 39 percent of the teams in championship games in their fantasy leagues feature Beckham. That's the second-highest percentage behind DeMarco Murray and Le'Veon Bell.

"People talk to me about fantasy all the time," Beckham said. "I don't really pay much mind to it. I don't play football to play for someone's fantasy team. I play because this is what I love to do. This is now my job."

Beckham wasn't always the darling of the "sport."

"I know earlier when I was hurt, there were a lot of people who [gave up]," Beckham said. "I would see the little tweets, 'I dropped you from my fantasy team.' That's on them, I guess."

He still gets tweets from fans asking is they should play him or sit him. (If you have to ask that, you probably shouldn't be playing fantasy football.)

"In the back of my mind I'm thinking, 'I'm not your coach, so you do what you need to do," Beckham said. "I didn't expect people to be so into fantasy. I guess you can see how serious it is for other people."

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