Mets Trevor May to get MRI on nagging triceps injury

Trevor May Mets
Trevor May (Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports)

Mets reliever Trevor May will undergo an MRI on Tuesday after dealing with continuous discomfort with a nagging triceps issue, he revealed on Monday night. 

“I’m not feeling 100% healthy. Trying to work through stuff,” May said after the Mets’ series-opening loss to the Atlanta Braves. “Battling through it but it’s hard to compete when you’re worried about whether or not something is going to hurt to throw or not. It’s to the point where I’m not comfortable throwing my best pitches and taking too much time in between pitches to reset and get the energy to throw another one.”

May was called upon in the eighth inning where he struggled yet again, allowing two earned runs on two hits with one walk in just one inning of work. It raised his 2022 season ERA to 8.64 — though those struggles appear to have a clear origin point now.

“By the end of the night, I was just hoping that the ball was going to be hit at somebody,” May said of his discomfort. “That’s no way to throw in a major-league game.

“It’s frustrating as anything in my life right now. Just trying to feel good but it feels like I”m throwing at 80% most of the time. It doesn’t have that life where I’m asserting my will… I’m not able to do that right now. I’m searching.”

May and the Mets had yet to have a conversation about a plan regarding the triceps issue, which cropped up during the first week of the season early last month, but the uncertainty appears as though it’s taking its toll on the veteran right-hander who is in his second year with the club.

“I have no idea. It’s definitely a day-by-day situation. We don’t have any information,” he said. “It’s all about getting information at this point and trying to find a plan of attack because I’m not a guy who can sit idle and just accept that things are the way that they are. 

“I’m throwing darts against the dartboard at this point. I will literally at this point try anything to get back to feeling like me.”