Here is a transcript of how YES' Michael Kay and Ken Singleton handled Alex Rodriguez's first at-bat of spring training Wednesday:

After staying silent to allow viewers to hear the crowd reaction as A-Rod walked to the plate, Kay said, "Certainly a nice hand for Rodriguez. His first game action since September 25 of 2013. Alex was suspended in the Biogenesis investigation for 162 games. He missed all of last year. In the last two years he's played just 44 games for the New York Yankees. Quickly down 0-2 in the count."

Said Singleton, "He said he would be nervous coming into this afternoon's game. You can't blame him, I think, with all that's gone on, all the baggage that he brings with him, but the main question is, can he still play."

Just as Singleton finished that sentence, Rodriguez answered by singling to left.

Said Kay, "Line drive, a base hit for Rodriguez."

Singleton: "It's been well documented what Alex has gone through, mostly, I would say all, self-inflicted. Now it's time to get back on the field. He's apologized profusely here in spring training and he, too, wants to answer the question, can I still turn on a major league fastball? He did right there."

Kay: "I think what it comes down to, Kenny, it's everybody's individual prerogative to view him the way they want. And now you have to watch what he does on the field. Can he get around on a fastball? Does he still have power? Two surgically repaired hips, can he stay healthy? That's what this is all about now. You can only apologize so much. If people want to accept it, fine. If they don't, again, that's their prerogative. But can he play? That's what the Yankees have to find out this spring."