One word describes Zach LaVine's performance at the Slam Dunk Contest at Barclays Center on Saturday night: Perfect.

LaVine, the Minnesota Timberwolves rookie and front-runner heading into the competition, scored a perfect 50 on his first two dunks, sending the Brooklyn crowd into a raucous frenzy. In total, LaVine scored 194 out of a possible 200 points, earning him the title of 2015 Slam Dunk champion.

"I'm still on cloud nine," LaVine said afterward. "I feel like I'm dreaming. Seeing all the Dunk Contests and people hoisting the trophy. I just saw myself do it and lived it. So it's a dream come true."

LaVine, 19, became the second youngest player ever to win the competition behind his idol Kobe Bryant, and the first Timberwolves player since Isaiah Rider in 1994.

For his first attempt, which LaVine called the "Space Jam" dunk, the 6-5 guard took off from the baseline, putting the ball through his legs before finishing with a right-handed jam. The crowd erupted, and the judges agreed. It was perfect.

For an encore, LaVine put the ball behind his back mid-air before throwing down a one-handed jam. And again, the crowd exploded. It was another easy scoring call for the judges - 50.

LaVine reminded everyone why the dunk contest, much maligned over the years, is still the premier event of NBA All-Star weekend. He had fans comparing him to another slam-dunk champion - Vince Carter.

"I'm not," LaVine said of the comparison. "Vince Carter is above me."

LaVine pulled off - each on the first attempt -- two of the craziest dunks in recent history, and the ideas for both of them came to him a few years ago.

"I came up with them in high school," LaVine said of his two perfect 50 dunks. "I just wanted to come out with a bang. And I tried to get a 50 on every dunk ...I wanted to show everybody what I got."

But LaVine wasn't the only player to score a 50 Saturday night. Orlando's Victor Oladipo set the competition off with a nearly impossible 540-degree reverse dunk. He would later meet LaVine in the final but was no match for the rookie guard out of UCLA.

After his teammate and No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins won MVP at Friday's Rising Stars Challenge, he said one of LaVine's dunks nearly made him faint.

So which one was it?

"That's the funny thing, is I didn't do that one," LaVine said. "I got some tricks in the bag still."