Experts share Mother’s Day 2019 gift recommendations

You can't go wrong with a locket, like Stone and Strand's, says Lalo founder Jane Daines.
You can’t go wrong with a locket, like Stone and Strand’s, says Lalo founder Jane Daines. Photo Credit: Joel Herrera

Mom knows best. So this Mother’s Day, we asked the moms behind three NYC-based, family-focused businesses — Hatch, Primary and Lalo — for their top gift recommendations.

Ariane Goldman, founder of maternity clothing brand Hatch

“I love sending an old-school card every now and then, and these by Lingua Franca are playful yet super chic.”

“You can personalize this stone baroque pearl drop necklace by Ariel Gordon with your kids’ birthstones, which is a stylish way of keeping them near and dear.”

“The Cuup bra is ridiculously comfortable, so why not share the love?”

Rosanna's Jet Setter tray.
Rosanna’s Jet Setter tray. Photo Credit: Rosanna

Galyn Bernard, co-founder of children’s clothing brand Primary

“I just got a little sample of this Glossier perfume on a postcard in the mail. I have been looking for a new perfume and loved this! I ordered one for myself right away.”

“I had a quick layover in Munich recently and spun through the duty-free store looking for a hand cream I could throw in my bag for the rest of the trip. I fell in love with this immediately, it smells so delicious. I used to always forget to put cream on and now I can’t stop!”

“A friend got me this tray recently and it makes me so happy every time I see it — especially when I am working a ton and feeling boring!”

Jane Daines, co-founder of baby and family brand Lalo

  • Locket

“One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts is a locket with pictures of my children. My little ones love to see me wearing it, and I love to have them close all day long. Catbird, Stone and Strand and Knobbly Studio all have beautiful locket options.”

“My mother always taught me the importance of eating chocolate — whether as a treat after dinner or for an afternoon pick-me-up. They’re my go-to Mother’s Day gift and my personal favorite are from Nunu Chocolates in Brooklyn.”

  • Book from local bookstore

“You can never go wrong with a book from your local bookstore — mine is The Corner Book Store in upper Manhattan! Some of my recent wants include ‘Pachinko’ by Min Jin Lee, ‘Euphoria’ by Lily King and ‘My Brilliant Friend’ by Elena Ferrante.”

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