Take your honey to this hive and you’ll drink for free.

Bumble, a dating app that gives female users all the power to make the first move, has graduated from the virtual to reality with a pop-up event space in SoHo, where all the programs, drinks and food are free.

The venue, called Hive, at 158 Mercer St., aims to give those going on first dates a safe, fun space to meet up without the pressure of who’s going to pay the tab, said Lauren Taylor, the app’s director of communications and brand development.

“We wanted to create a fun, friendly and engaging environment for our users where everything’s included: Drinks, coffee, food, everything,” she said, noting that the Hive’s “anti-membership club” vibe gives anyone a chance to check out the space as long as they have the free app downloaded to their phones.

“The point about the Hive is that it’s accessible and inclusive,” she said. “You just have to be a Bumble user.”

Decked out in Bumble’s classic honey-yellow and white theme, with honeycomb-shaped seats scattered throughout the space and neon signs encouraging users to “Bee yourself, honey!”, the pop-up hosts a variety of events, like its “Rose all day” Sunday parties, book clubs and panels on nutrition and dating culture.

Regardless if you’re on the app looking for dates, new friends (the app also offers a Bumble BFF option) or to network, Taylor said the Hive has so far attracted a large range of locals from ages 21 to 40. Though the Hive is exclusive to 21-plus Bumble users due to its open bar, Taylor said Friday’s college night will open the space up to those underage, sans alcohol.

“People are coming in friend groups, on dates and a lot of people come in to see their favorite speakers, so it’s been a mix,” she said. “There are people meeting for the first time, or potentially meeting people at the Hive and exchanging numbers,” Taylor said.

Picking New York City as its first space, Taylor said, came naturally -- there are plenty of dating app users in all five boroughs.

“We have a larger presence here,” Taylor said. “A lot of people are here interning, traveling, working. We thought there was a larger chance to be able to include many of our users here.”

The Hive will be open through the last week in June, but Taylor said the large interest may have the pop-up flying to other cities -- or countries.

“We’re really happy with the response, how people are engaging in it,” Taylor said. “I think there’s definitely a chance to have another Hive in different cities, or even internationally.” Bumble currently is available in England, France and Germany overseas.

The Hive is open to Bumble users from Thursday to Friday. For a full list of upcoming events, visit blog.bumble.com