Bushwick bar Boobie Trap offers Man Bun Special to patrons willing to cut it off

This Bushwick bar is saying no to man buns.

Male hipsters around New York City — especially those off the L train — have been sporting the man bun for quite a while, with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto tying up their locks in approval. But one Bushwick bar is having none of the (pun intended) growing hair trend. 

Quirky dive bar Boobie Trap has been offering the Man Bun Special since the start of the new year, which grants anyone sporting the hipster haircut a free bottle of liquor — to be consumed at a later time — if they’re willing to publicly get the bun chopped off by the bartender. 

The Man Bun Special came to fruition over drinks at the end of the night, Boobie Trap owner Kristen North said.

“The idea came from a friend, who was making a joke about it,” she said. “It wasn’t really thought out that much.” 

So, how does one partake in the special? The patron has to agree to a few things first, North explained. “If someone agrees to do it, we are allowed to film it to put on our Instagram, and keep the bun,” she said. 

That’s right, once the bun has been snipped off, it’s displayed in a “Wall of Fame” fashion behind the bar, and tacked onto each ball of hair is the name of the former man bun-ee. So far, four men — Jose, Joe, Louie and Raph — have taken home a bottle of liquor, and a new haircut. 

Videos of all four live on the bar’s Insta account

North said that the special doesn’t currently have an expiration date, so the wall of man buns should continue to grow. 

For anyone who frequents Boobie Trap, the Man Bun Special doesn’t seem to stray too far from the bar’s typical unique offerings, like its “bird bongs,” where one drinks out of an upside-down lawn flamingo, and a bartender-enforced “Stupid Questions” tip jar. Patrons can also enjoy a variety of board games, some — well, titillating — coloring pages and even free lighters from the dive bar.

Boobie Trap is located at 308 Bleecker St., and is open daily from noon to 4 a.m.

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