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Date spots that are the best and worst for scoring a second date in NYC: Hinge survey

According to Hinge, deciding on a date is just like choosing an apartment: Location, location location.

The self-described “Relationship App” surveyed 8,000 of its members in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City to discover the best — and worst — date spots each city has to offer, and the results are in.

If you’re taking out that special someone on a first date, Hinge says the spots in the city that are most likely to lead to a second date are The Penrose, Central Park, Goodnight Sonny, The Wayland and Dear Irving. Perhaps those surveyed in the city are all residents of lower Manhattan or the Upper East Side, as many popular spots in Brooklyn and Queens seem to have missed a mention.

Pete Vasconcellos, bar manager of Upper East Side’s The Penrose, which features an extensive cocktail menu and plenty of shareable plates, didn’t seem surprised with the spot’s ranking.

“It’s a great place for a first date and a great place for meeting people,” Vasconcellos said. “It’s a good environment for a first date because it’s casual – if your date’s going well, you can order another drink. If it’s not going well, it’s low commitment and you can get out,” Vasconcellos added, noting a new Second Avenue subway stop is located near the bar.

Those least likely? Hinge’s results indicate The Belfry, Soho House, Pod39, Little Branch and Buvette will probably lead to an early breakup or ghosting situation.

Noah Neary of The Belfry didn’t seem too concerned with the Union Square bar’s ranking on the report, indicating that perhaps it’s not the bar, known for its $5 picklebacks and live music, that’s to blame for a lack of a second date.

“A good craftswoman never blames her tools. 😉,” he said in an email.

Regardless of what bar you choose for your “Let’s grab a drink” date, apparently that’s not even the best way to go in terms of a first-time meet-up, according to the app’s survey. Going to a movie or seeing a show leads to a 79 percent chance of a second date, while bars only give you a 42 percent chance.

And if you think your drink of choice is off the hook, think again. Hinge’s survey says suggesting grabbing a Bloody Mary or an Old Fashioned is more likely to lead to a date over asking about getting a beer or a glass of wine.

So, if you’re serious about finding your Prince or Princess Charming, asking them to sip on Bloody Marys while watching a movie in Central Park may get you a fairy tale ending.

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