Prince or M.J.? Dreamland Roller Disco sets 10th anniversary slate of pop culture theme nights

Lola Star says the “immersive” disco transforms the Prospect Park rink into a dreamland.

Roller disco diva Lola Star was skating her heart out to “Set It Off” when she looked up and saw a woman dressed as a corn on the cob with chain necklaces gliding by.

“She was a hip-hop corn on the cob,” Star told amNewYork. “She even did splits in the skate dancing competition.”

The Dreamland Roller Disco, which runs Friday nights in the spring and summer at Prospect Park’s Lakeside rink, attracts the most outrageous and magical characters — and it’s back starting April 20.

Star, who organizes the discos, is preparing to release the new season’s tickets on March 16, promising wild themes like a night of the Spice Girls, “Starman Forever: David Bowie,” “Madonna vs. Britney Spears,” “Prince vs. Michael Jackson,” “Unicorn Candyland: Girl Pop” and Queen B “Beyoncé.”

The schedule is as follows:

  • “Starman Forever” David Bowie — April 20
  • Madonna vs. Britney Spears — April 27
  • Beyoncé — May 4
  • “Flashdance vs. Dirty Dancing” — May 11
  • “Hanging Tough” Boy Bands — May 18
  • “Roll Bounce” Classic Skate — May 25
  • Pop Divas of the 70s vs. the 80s — June 1
  • “Party Like it’s 1999” Prince — June 8
  • “Unicorn Candyland” Girl Pop — June 15
  • “Pump Up the Volume” 80s Hip-hop — June 22
  • Emo Prom — June 29
  • Prince vs. Michael Jackson — July 6
  • Justin vs. Britney — July 13
  • “Soul Train” — July 20
  • “Saved by the Bell” 90s Pop — July 27
  • Jay Z vs. Beyoncé — Aug. 10
  • 90s Hip-hop — Aug. 10
  • Taylor Swift vs. Katie Perry — Aug. 17
  • “I Feel Love” 10th Anniversary Party — Aug. 24
  • Prince “Purple Rain” — Aug. 31
  • Rihanna — Sept. 7
  • Wanna Be Spice Girls — Sept. 14
  • Saturday Night Fever — Sept. 21
  • Nsync vs. New Kids on the Block — Sept. 28
  • Britney Spears — Oct. 5
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson — Oct. 12

“Every night has a totally different atmosphere and vibe, but always has a magical characteristic about it,” Star said.

Skaters are encouraged to dress up to match the theme. There have been numerous Britneys, a slew of Ziggy Stardusts and, last summer, a horde of zombies.

“There were 700 roller disco zombies and one woman showed up in a full Japanese kawaii-inspired ice cream cone outfit with white contacts in and zombie makeup on,” Star said. “She was a zombie ice cream cone.”

Star describes the skates as an “immersive roller disco experience,” which transforms the Lakeside rink into a dreamland with LED hoola hoopers, a costume contest, a red carpet and a skate-dance competition.

“I’m living out my 7-year-old fantasies — I dressed up in costume and skated around my parents’ basement, dreaming about living in New York City as a roller skating star, and now here I am,” Star said.

It’s the 10th year of Dreamland Roller Disco and Star is still just as in love with roller skating discos as ever.

Dreamland began at Coney Island in 2008 when she won a contest by Glamour magazine and Tommy Hilfiger to make someone’s dream come true. With that, she took her credit cards and went to work.

“It was one of those times when you have to seize the opportunity,” she said. “When my friends tell me they made a questionable financial decision, I tell them ‘You’re talking to someone who opened a roller rink on credit cards.’”

Two years later, when the rink underwent a major renovation, she took her disco on the road to Prospect Park. It was the perfect move, she said. From the atmosphere to the diversity of the park, the Lakeside rink became her dreamland.

“I have a belief in roller disco in general. It’s a very spiritual thing. There’s something about being on wheels and in motion to the music … it’s what keeps me sane. I have the best job ever.”

For tickets and more information, visit dreamlandrollerrink.com.

Shaye Weaver