Gothic parties in NYC, from ARKHAM to Memento Mori

Ready to embrace the dark side? Like any subculture, New York City’s local gothic community is a vibrant safe haven for those who appreciate an alternative way of self-expression – that includes dark music, fashion and art along with a more macabre lifestyle. For many, goth isn’t just a music genre or style, but also a mindset that people can relate to, says Eric Thorpe-Moscon, founder of ARKHAM: Brooklyn Gothic Party and resident DJ.

“It’s (about embracing) the mystery of the unknown – the greatest mystery being death even though it’s scary and people are scared of it … and romanticizing the darker side of life,” Thorpe-Moscon says. “It’s the same reason why Dracula was popular and Frankenstein was popular. People like being scared.”

Whether you’re a goth looking to party through the dead of night or simply a little curious about what NYC’s gothic community has to offer, these local goth organizations host regular parties (including upcoming Halloween events) with dark music that even skeletons will be dancing to.

Wendy Lu