Hamptons travel: How to get to Montauk and the East End from NYC

Cost: $26 to $35 each way depending on destination. Order online to save a few bucks. The Jitney also offers a more comfortable bus line called the Ambassador, which costs $55 each way.

Departs: Multiple locations in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens

Travel time: 2.5 hours to Westhampton

Pros: Buses run frequently enough that you’re bound to be able to get a seat. You can also catch up on those work emails after leaving work early on your way out there, as buses come equipped with free Wi-Fi and power outlets. You’ll also get free snacks!

Cons: The buses make multiple pickups and drop-offs, which can add time to the ride. You’re also at the whims of New York and Long Island traffic, which can greatly affect travel times. If you get stuck on a packed bus, it can be untenable, especially if you’re seated next to someone who’s on their cellphone, which is technically prohibited.

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Photo Credit: Randee Daddona

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