‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ in SoHo aims to boost your endorphins with immersive rooms

Eight interactive showrooms at the
Eight interactive showrooms at the “Happy-Go-Lucky” pop-up, like the “diamond palace,” are meant to encourage positive energy. Photo Credit: Abigail Weinberg

New Yorkers, be happy.

That’s the message of the latest immersive exhibit in SoHo.

The “Happy-Go-Lucky” pop-up experience takes you through eight highly-Instagrammable showrooms meant to inspire you to let in positive energy, according to Sunnyhues Entertainment, which is producing the event.

New Yorkers are so stressed that having a place to leave it all at the door and have fun is at the heart of it, according to staff at the exhibit.

Once you enter the pop-up, which plays upbeat songs from artists like Hilary Duff and Britney Spears, you’ll sashay through its pièce de résistance, “the palace of enchanted crystals,” a mirrored hallway with glowing, color-changing lights. Following that, you’ll flow into a field of sunflowers, a pink beach that’ll have you resembling Boticelli’s “The Birth of Venus,” a room with a huge red pepper you can rock on, “the illusion” room that’ll make you go cross-eyed and more.

To top it off, you’ll get a free Italian ice with goodies on top before you leave.

Jasmine Liang, 20, took her friend Sondra Chambacarrillo, 18, to the exhibit for her birthday as a surprise and said that it was a “really fun” way to celebrate.

“The exhibit was super eye-catching when I saw it on Instagram, so I knew we had to go,” she told amNewYork. “When we got here, I was surprised there were so many rooms.”

As for the Italian ice, it was a godsend because it is so hot, she said.

“It was really my savior,” she said. “It was a party with a gift.”

This is the latest in immersive exhibits to come to New York City. A pair of Brooklyn locals recently opened “Dream Machine,” a similar walk-through experience that incorporates elements of dream, including a room of clouds, a ball pit pool and more. Another, The Egg House, opened in April with egg-themed rooms and a “caviar” pool.

Happy-Go-Lucky, located at 43 Wooster St., will open to visitors every half-hour between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. through July 8. Tickets are $28 during the week and $34 on weekends at sunnyhues.com.

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