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The Jungle Collective’s massive plant sale is coming to the concrete jungle of NYC

The two-day, ticketed event is planned to happen in mid-August at a secret location.

The Jungle Collective is bringing thousands of plants

The Jungle Collective is bringing thousands of plants to NYC for a massive indoor plant sale in August. Photo Credit: Mooikin Photography

If you’ve been planning to one day make your apartment resemble an indoor jungle and adore plants as if they’re your own children, you may want to check out The Jungle Collective’s huge indoor plant sale coming to the city in mid-August.

More than 200 species, including sweet little succulents, air-purifying house plants, designer pots and more will be in one location for a lush, party-like sale that’ll make you feel like you actually have a green thumb. (R.I.P., my plants.) Plus, there will be “jungle tunes” you can groove to while you pick out a ficus.

The two-day ticketed event brings shoppers in two-hour time slots so that it doesn’t become crazed like an Ikea on a Saturday, and offers help from actual horticulturists so that you know how to take care of your plant children correctly.

Those who wear jungle-themed prints will get $5 off their purchase.

The Jungle Collective holds these mega plant parties across Australia and says it usually attracts 6,000 people to each sale.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, they’ve been popular amongst the hipster community in Sydney, according to

The exact date and location have not been finalized yet, but the warehouse/venue where it will be held will be kept a secret from those who don’t reserve a ticket.

Tickets are free and will be released the Monday before the event at noon.

You can find out more on the event’s Facebook page and check back here for updates.

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