Feminist lipstick shade ‘Red My Lips’ puts a bold shine on Lady Part Justice’s advocacy

The new shade is made for those who want to resist in style.

The color of feminism is red.

Lady Parts Justice — a reproductive rights advocacy organization, which recently hosted the Golden Probe Awards with Margaret Cho — has teamed up with The Elixery Cosmetic House to create a brand-new lipstick called "Red My Lips."

The bold tomato-red shade found at elixery.com for $22 is created with ethically-sourced ingredients and is "perfect for kissing under the mistletoe and just as appropriate for a pro-choice rally."

"There’s been so much going on in the world with all different strong women and fems coming forward and making declarative statements and with the bold red lipstick, we’re rolling it out with statements we believe to be true," Lady Parts Justice founder Lizz Winstead told amNewYork. "These are things we are subjected to every day. It’s ‘I will tell you something I believe and you’re going to listen.’" 

The lipstick is featured in a number of ads with activists making statements like "No. You smile," "Trans is beautiful," and "My lips. My choice."

The campaign is meant to celebrate body autonomy and highlight the power of talking back as a form of resistance to sexism, misogyny and silence, Winstead said. Employees of Lady Parts Justice helped come up with the statements based on their own experiences and modeled the lipstick for the ads.

The lipstick will benefit Lady Parts Justice, too — 50 percent of its proceeds will go to the organization, which will help it produce comedic but educational content that destigmatizes abortion, calls out misogynistic politicians and rallies people to vote.

"If you are behind promoting beauty and supporting the loud and proud voices of people on the ground, this is the lipstick for you," Winstead said. 

This is the second shade Lady Parts Justice has done with The Elixery Cosmetic House, which is based in Minnesota. In 2016, "Justice," a deep berry color, was released. 

Winstead said she likes working with the cosmetics company because it partners with causes to create fun lines, advertises in a gender non-conforming way, uses vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free ingredients (and it tastes good, too).

Those who purchase "Red My Lips" can share their look by posting a photo on social media with #Redmylips.

And there may be more shades coming.

"It’s fun, playful and dedicated to promoting messages of positivity and strength — why not do a gloss for the summer?" she said.

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