Just like the city, this sculpture is ever-changing.

A colorful glass structure with steel and cast aluminum, dubbed “The City,” towers over the Park Avenue Malls at 54th Street, mirroring the skyscrapers above it.

The sculpture by artist Rob Fischer contains multiple see-through chambers with splashes of colorful silk-screen ink.

Fischer, who has artwork in the Whitney Museum of American Art and others around the country, plans on randomly changing the structure over time by removing and replacing the objects inside.

"In the midst of the 20th century architectural icons of Park Avenue, this sculpture is an amalgamation of parts that have been repeatedly constructed, dismantled, and re-arranged into a structure that references architectural history, art history, as well as an individual history," Fischer said in a statement. "The addition of components during the course of the exhibition manifests and celebrates the messy, chaotic and beautiful that is New York.” 

“City” sprung up at the malls on Sept. 11 and will be displayed there through Nov. 15, according to the city’s Parks Department, which is presenting the sculpture with the Fund for Park Avenue and the Derek Eller Gallery.