Playboy Club NYC: Inside the moody lounge now open in midtown

The iconic bunny ears and cottontails are officially back at the Playboy Club NYC on Wednesday.

The modern take on the Playboy Mansion, opening at 512 W. 42nd St., with rich fabrics, colors and a “playful” ambience like its predecessor — the former NYC iteration shuttered in 1986 — is taking reservations on its website for those eager to get inside the 14,000-square-foot lounge.

The ornately decorated club, with a bar that glows under artwork from the Playboy archives, has distinct rooms designed by Cenk Fikri (The Goldbar, Melt) — the Grotto Lounge, Bunny Lounge, Royal Salute Lounge — with plush couches and seating. Additional spaces are “unlocked” by members only. (The top tier is $250,000 a year.) The Playboy logo is placed throughout in case you forget where you’re partying.

The club will host events previously held at the Playboy Mansion, including “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Masquerade Night,” as well as Oscar, Grammy and Super Bowl parties.

In June, Playboy Enterprises announced that the club would open as a “luxurious, seductive and playful” space to imbibe and party — a re-imagining of the original mansion.

“We are excited to enter the new era of the Playboy brand and introduce the new Playboy Club to New York City and the rest of the world,” Merchants Hospitality’s Abraham Merchant said. “We have created an electric and epic atmosphere at the Playboy Club. From the music to the luxurious interior, the design to the savory menu, it will be an experience our guests will never forget.”

Scroll down to see inside.

Shaye Weaver