How to spend a day in Rockaway’s resilient beachfront community

More New Yorkers are discovering what their Rockaway neighbors have known all along: eating, playing and working in the beachfront community is a pretty good way to live.

The popular peninsula was on the way to regaining its former status as a top city resort destination when it was ravaged by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Homes were lost to fire and floods and swaths of the beloved boardwalk were torn from their foundations.

But Rockaway’s fighting spirit prevailed. While more reconstruction is needed, a wave of restaurants and shops — and of course the beach — is luring millions of visitors.

If you can’t hitch a ride, hop on the A train, try out the NYC Ferry (at $2.75 per trip) or grab a roundtrip ride with the $30 OvR Rockaway Beach Bus, the $14 Alexis Van Lines or the $20 Rockaway Brewing Co. Brew Crusier to get to Rockaway, where a newly rebuilt boardwalk awaits. Here are some places to check out:

Lisa Colangelo & Shaye Weaver