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The Weekend It List Nov. 16-18

Your time off is precious.

We happen to spend our on-the-clock hours combing through the many options NYC has to offer, so let us help you maximize those days off. Every week, we distill the very best the weekend has to offer.

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eat it.

Of Nutella's storied history -- which dates to
Photo Credit: Marisol Diaz-Gordon

Of Nutella's storied history -- which dates to WWII -- the latest entry on its timeline has the potential to drive us all a bit (hazel)nuts. And cocoa.

Our city now boasts its very own Nutella Cafe, a brown-red-yellow space that evokes stepping into a jar of the sweet spread -- mouth wide open. Following the smashing success of owner Ferrero International S.A.'s two-story Chicago cafe in May 2017, Manhattan's opened Wednesday to reports of long lines of patrons braving the cold.

The Union Square outpost is a safe space for the converted to eat treats both familiar (a hazelnut blondie is drizzled with Nutella) and less so (such as clafoutis, a baked pastry that includes chopped hazelnuts and is drizzled with . . . well, you know). A Create Your Own station offers myriad combinations -- pick a base like a crepe, Liège-style waffle or oats, then fruit or Nutella filling and a topper -- in addition to the set menu.

To balance the winter weather, you might want to check out the hot beverage options as well. Have yours topped with Nutella whipped cream, then add the frozen Nutella pop to your spring calendar.

Watch it.

You'll tune into
Photo Credit: Showtime / Christopher Saunders

You'll tune into "Escape at Dannemora" wondering, "How'd they do it?" You'll turn off the drama wondering the same.

The Ben Stiller-directed Showtime series gives you an inside look at the David Sweat and Richard Matt 2015 prison break that captivated so many. Piecing together court records and statements by Sweat and prison employee Joyce Mitchell, the grand escape unfolds across eight hours.

What sticks the most, even after watching just the premiere (on Sunday), is how closely the actors resemble their real-life counterparts.

Eric Lange and Patricia Arquette -- playing Lyle and Tilly (Joyce) Mitchell -- each gained 40 pounds for their husband-and-wife roles in the seven-episode series, undergoing two of the crew's most drastic transformations in a matter of months.

"I mean, when you gain 40 pounds, it changes the way you walk, the way you breathe; it changes everything about your neck, your face. You just can't really do it with makeup the same way," Lange says.

Drink it.

Brunch. It's the most important meal of the
Photo Credit: Lido

Brunch. It's the most important meal of the weekend. And what's better than a nice, slow meal, savoring your well-deserved free time and washing it all down with endless mimosas?

Park Slope homestyle Italian spot Piccoli crafts its version with freshly squeezed blood orange juice, a tart twist that pairs well with its cherry tomato-goat cheese omelet. (As does its zesty bloody Mary.) Or maybe you're feeling more like a Thai- and Filipino-style brunch; the LES' Pig & Khao, with two hours of drink-all-you-want mimosas, can help with that, and, as you might assume, you're good to go with any of the pork-based options, including sizzling sisig (pork head with chili and egg).

In all, we've rounded up 19 bottomless brunches worth your weekend hours. Because you've earned it.

explore it.

Thanks to Jeff Bezos and Andrew
Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

Thanks to Jeff Bezos and Andrew "Amazon" Cuomo, Long Island City's been getting more than a little press this week. But looming HQ2 plans aside, the neighborhood has housed innovators for centuries. It's also long been an area filled with reasons for outsiders to spend the day.

Portals to LIC's industrial past are everywhere, including at Gantry State Park, in a former dockyard and known for the remains of its former Pepsi plant. Other outdoor musts include the charming waterfront Socrates Sculpture Park, which, decades ago, grew out of a former abandoned landfill to host both permanent and rotating works of art.

LIC is also a noted food destination, with a mix of cuisines to match any Manhattan neighborhood. Transmitter Brewing is a given for fans of French- and Belgian-style brews, while wine lovers have extra ♥️ for Domaine Bar a Vins, offering city views and easy access to the 7 train. Cap your night with a ferry ride home; just make sure you're there for final call shortly after 10 p.m.

Cheer it.

And if that LIC visit happens to be
Photo Credit: Gabi Porter

And if that LIC visit happens to be on Sunday, you can cheer on the women bartenders throwing down at Speed Rack.

Like a cowgirl with her pistol, each contender in the speed bartending competition has to be quick and cool under pressure. Any false movement -- a slip of a glass, a missed pour of liquor -- and she's done.

Culling women from the tristate area, and benefiting breast cancer research, the annual event challenges bartenders to make complicated cocktails against the clock. It also determines who goes to nationals. It is, in a word, intense.

"Everything just blacks out -- you don't hear anything . . . and you're just praying you have what you need," recalls reigning national champion Haley Traub, who bartends at Dutch Kills in LIC and Attaboy on the Lower East Side.

But it's also a "beautiful" experience, competition co-founder Lynnette Marrero says. Each movement is approached as if the bartenders are athletes.

"There's an electricity in the room as women compete at their highest level."

Bonus: While watching the drink slinging, audience members get to try the cocktails. Cheers to that!


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