The Wing puts focus on wellness at new Brooklyn location

The Wing’s new Brooklyn outpost marks several firsts for the members-only women’s club.

Like the Flatiron and SoHo forebears of the co-working space, the two-level DUMBO location has such features as an all-female library and café. But unique to the new spot, which opened Monday, are a podcast room, vintage photo booth and wellness room.

Each location of the two-year-old startup is designed with its clientele — women only — in mind, from beauty rooms to beauty products in the locker room to a lactation room for nursing mothers.

For members of the Brooklyn location, those amenities also include a space to work out.

The wellness room is built with yoga, Pilates and meditation in mind, with a ballet bar across nearly floor-length mirrors and MNDFL meditation cushions on the floor.

“It’s our first space that we’re dedicating to something like that,” co-founder Audrey Gelman said on a recent tour of the new space. “It will be interesting to see how people use it.”

The Wing won’t be holding group classes among its programming offerings (the space isn’t large enough for that) but members might find experts in their midst.

“We have a bunch of members who are yoga instructors and Pilates instructors,” Gelman said. “You can also bring your own private instructor with you as a member to do it there.”

The Wing included a fitness space to offer a convenient way for members to work out, especially if their apartments are too small to accommodate that.

“In my house, I’d love to do something like that, but I just don’t really have the space,” Gelman said.

After their sweat session, members can retreat to the nearby locker room — complete with showers, robes and slippers — to freshen up.

All that comes at a price, of course. For access to a single location, a Wing membership costs $215 a month or $2,350 for the year. For unlimited access to all and future locations, it’s $250 a month and $2,700 for the year.

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