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Your time off is precious.

We happen to spend our on-the-clock hours combing through the many options NYC has to offer, so let us help you maximize those days off. Every week, we distill the very best the weekend has to offer.

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eat it.

At the height of summer, it's all about
Photo Credit: Vicki Thai

At the height of summer, it's all about survival. And if cool, creamy treats help make the days a little bit easier, we say: Lean in.

Here's a push: You can nab a buy-one-get-one deal all weekend at the grand opening of Snowday's fifth location, in Bayside. Purveyors of "shaved cream" -- shaved ice meets ice cream -- the local chainlet doles out its signature dessert at 200 calories per serving. Of course, you're welcome to pad that number with toppings ranging from the mom-approved (fruit, granola, coconut) to the I-can-have-it-I'm-an-adult (Cap'n Crunch, Pocky sticks, Oreos). As for shaved cream flavors, you'll need to make some decisions there as well; roasted black sesame, NY cheesecake and green tea matcha join the expected (chocolate, et al), with some vegan options too. Oh yeah, and there are drizzles, including condensed milk, because it's awesome.

And, since you made the trek to Bayside, we have plenty of ideas for what to do and see (and eat) in this quaint Queens neighborhood.

drink it.

If bone broth on tap sounds like the
Photo Credit: Evan Sung

If bone broth on tap sounds like the antithesis of summer refreshment, know this: You can order it hot or cold. The savory slurp is now available with the pull of a handle (made of actual bone, natch) at broth standard-bearer Brodo's new UWS location, the fourth spot in chef Marco Canora's slow-simmered empire.

You'll be served your organic bone broth of choice in a paper cup. Hearth is a triple meat cocktail with chicken, turkey and beef along with veggies, while vegans are all set with a seaweed-shiitake mushroom blend. Broth-ers can add flavor to flavor with add-ins like coconut, ginger and lime. Also on the menu are brothies, Brodo's version of a smoothie.

explore it.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens offers hours of entertainment for
Photo Credit: Jeff Bachner

Prospect Lefferts Gardens offers hours of entertainment for zero dollars if you're a walker with miles to cover. The neighborhood, as of Wednesday, claims the Greenest Block in Brooklyn honor (thus spoke the foliage-friendly folks at Brooklyn Botanic Garden). But while you should hit that stretch of Lefferts Avenue, its brownstones overflowing with greenery are exemplary of the area. Follow the avenue westward and you'll end up in the borough's ultimate greenspace, Prospect Park.

PLG of course offers more than leafy goodness. Spend the day: Try some West Indian cuisine, grab a reasonably priced concoction at a tiki bar, pick up some gifts (indie bookstore lovers' alert) and don't miss out on a slice of fig-buttermilk pie.

watch it.

Buddy comedy
Photo Credit: Lionsgate Film / Hopper Stone

Buddy comedy "The Spy Who Dumped Me" leapfrogs the genre's usual antagonism to focus on friends who are ... actually friends. Its leads -- Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon -- "skip that and simply have two awesome badass characters take the world on without having to be catty with one another," Kunis says.

The duo ends up dodging bullets as a result of Kunis' ex (Justin Theroux) being a spy and overall regrettable choice (dumping her via text).

Rotten Tomatoes' critics land it squarely in the middle with a 51% (knock off nine points if you only trust the top reviewers). Factor in the air-conditioning, escape from the news cycle, Gillian Anderson as head of British intelligence, and chemistry between Kunis and McKinnon -- they cracked each other up throughout a joint interview with us -- and we'll see you at the movies.

don't pay for it.

Your most reliable transit option -- you --
Photo Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Emmanuel Dunand

Your most reliable transit option -- you -- can wander car-free from the Brooklyn Bridge on up to Central Park on Saturday, stopping along the way to zip line and scale a wall. And all the perks of Summer Streets only cost your time.

In all, the returning event covers seven Manhattan miles. If you've ever wondered what it's like to roller skate down Park Avenue, it's time to lace up.

And if you miss out -- or want to repeat that rolling experience -- the event repeats on Aug. 11 and 18.


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