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The Weekend It List: April 19-21

Your time off is precious.

We happen to spend our on-the-clock hours combing through the many options NYC has to offer, so let us help you maximize those days off. Every week, we distill the very best the weekend has to offer.

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sample it.

Maybe (OK, highly likely) you go for the
Photo Credit: Corey Sipkin

Maybe (OK, highly likely) you go for the food. But, take the time to chat up who's serving it, and you can leave the Queens International Night Market full of more than a borough-sized sampling of cuisine.

That's because the warm-weather market, which returns Saturday, "is more a curation of stories rather than specific dishes," founder John Wang tells us. "In the past four years the vendors have represented more than 80 countries, and the new participants for the 2019 season continue to showcase the diversity of New York City."

For year five, some 60 vendors -- about a third of them first-timers -- are keeping that global approach alive. Just among the rookies, you can eat your way through the Czech Republic, South Africa, Norway, Brazil and, stateside, the soul food of the South and pastrami via Long Island City.

Insider tip: Head to Em, and ask the husband-and-wife owners for a bowl of hu tieu -- and how the Vietnamese noodle soup relates to their courtship.

burn it.

Adam Driver and Keri Russell are currently heating
Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

Adam Driver and Keri Russell are currently heating up the stage in Broadway's "Burn This," and that's reason enough to go see it.

The "Girls" alum and "The Americans" star play destined lovers drawn together by the loss of a friend. The play made its Broadway debut in 1987, and is brought back to the big stage for the first time with an alluring cast.

This production, a two-and-a-half hour commitment, is filled with the expected intensity Driver brings to his roles. Fans who remember his "Girls" character deconstructing an entire apartment in a rage will get to see the actor head to that dark place before their eyes. Long-winded character monologues (some lasting up to 25 minutes) are intercepted by outbursts. Think: Driver's character fist-fighting the air and passionately crying out to the audience.

"Adam Driver is one of the great actors of our generation. This role fits him quite brilliantly," Michael Mayer, the show's director, says.

"Burn This" just opened at the Hudson Theatre and it won't be around long: Dates are only set through July.

ride it.

While it's looking to be a bit wet,
Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

While it's looking to be a bit wet, surely weekend paleontologists don't mind braving rain for a Dinosaur Safari.

New to the Bronx Zoo, 40 animatronic dinos are placed throughout two acres of woods to create a prehistoric scene for your wagon-riding pleasure. These guys roar, screech and claw their way to survival as you're encouraged to "think like a paleontologist."

"If you look at them closely, you try to figure out how they move and how they're put together," Jim Breheny, the zoo's director and the Wildlife Conservation Society's executive vice president of Zoos and Aquarium, says. "But you can't because they really look like they're living animals."

And no, you do not need to be under a certain age: Just know it's the closest thing to Jurassic Park you'll witness.

eat it.

Flowers are blooming on the plates of city
Photo Credit: Evan Sung

Flowers are blooming on the plates of city restaurants, where chefs are using florals as much for their flavor as their striking presentation.

The blossoming of menu choices reflects the fresh produce chefs have access to with the changing of the seasons. At Dirt Candy, a forager finds edible flowers, roots and leaves that owner Amanda Cohen puts to use -- such as the speedwell flowers served in the Tower salad. And the folks behind Bar Feroce at the Moxy Chelsea know to turn to locals when they craft their spring menu, as "flowers need to be sourced directly from New York for peak freshness."

They also make a pretty visual. At o:n°, Asian-inspired floral cocktails utilize jasmine to its full effect. Gabriel Kreuther Restaurant uses house-made English Rose ice cubes to add charm to the "Romantic Hero" cocktail.

But flower power is nothing new for cuisines that have long embraced all things floral. At Indian gastro pub Baar Baar, flowers are important because they've "been used in Indian cooking for centuries," chef Sujan Sarkar says.

view it.

The view atop the Metropolitan Museum is out
Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

The view atop the Metropolitan Museum is out of this world -- beyond merely overlooking Central Park.

The latest commission for the rooftop garden is the interstellar "ParaPivot I and II," by Berlin-based artist Alicja Kwade. Nine polished stone orbs seem to float midair, but they're suspended via intersecting steel frames.

The work aims to inspire viewers to think about "human achievement and desire and what you can achieve" as its metal frames mimic the grid system of Manhattan and its "planets" remind us we're all living on a "spinning rock," she said at a preview on Monday.


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