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We happen to spend our on-the-clock hours combing through the many options NYC has to offer, so let us help you maximize those days off. Every week, we distill the very best the weekend has to offer.

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see it.

When we walk on the moon we'll do
Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

When we sashay on the moon, we'll do it in style.

French couture designer Pierre Cardin, who is the subject of an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum opening Saturday, has predicted that when humans inhabit the moon, they'll be wearing his aluminum geometric necklaces, knit body stockings, Plexiglas cloche hats and kinetic tunics.

The museum retrospective, "Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion," opens on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and it's easy to see why. The 170 designs and accessories look like they were taken from a 1960s "Star Trek" episode, but it's really the other way around, according to the exhibit. His fashion was so innovative that it inspired the show's costume design.

While Cardin, who is still working at 97 years old, says he designs "for a world that does not exist yet," he has dressed some of this world's biggest names, including Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall, Alain Delon and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

eat it.

One thing we don't have to tell you:
Photo Credit: Carvel

One thing we don't have to tell you: This heat suuucks. And it's not going anywhere (but up) this weekend. Who knew a national food holiday would be our summer savior?

Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, and the sweetest part is all the deals -- including some freebies. Plan well, and you could take a cold treat tour of the city on the cheap.  

Maybe you start at one of the many Carvel locations; just bring a friend, as the soft serve spot is all about the BOGO. At Eggloo, home of some of the most Instagrammable waffle cones around, buy one and get a gratis mini scoop. Feeling vanilla? Big Gay Ice Cream says, "Cool, here's two for $2." At other spots -- Tipsy Scoop, Nutella Café, Polosud, Milk Cream & Cereal Bar, et al. -- it's the early bird who gets the scoop, with caps on the total number of freebies given.

Because every day should be ice cream day -- like it is in our hearts -- you may want to check out our hit list of must-visit spots for your warm weather bucket list. On a hot day, full price may just be the right price.

watch it.

A new film festival hits Greenwich Village this
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Barbara Alper

A new film festival hits Greenwich Village this weekend with a female-focused lineup that includes a Kathy Griffin docu-comedy special and the premiere of a Harvey Weinstein allegations doc.

Dubbed 51Fest, the four-day festival comes from the Tina Brown-founded Women in the World and Sixth Avenue's IFC Center. Aiming to amplify and celebrate women's voices, its tagline is: the female majority on screen. 

51Fest balances screenings of projects by women filmmakers and movies with strong central female characters, along with sit-down conversations. "It's all about putting women on the stage, front and center," program director Anne Hubbell says.

Three women slated to be in conversation are two Weinstein accusers and Ursula Macfarlane, who directed "Untouchable," centered around the disgraced movie producer and his years of alleged abuse. 

bowl it.

Brooklyn Bowl started as an outlandish idea --
Photo Credit: Danielle Silverman

Brooklyn Bowl started as an outlandish idea -- asking live bands to perform steps away from 16 active bowling lanes. But 10 strong years have translated to 4,845 shows and 1.8 million tickets for the Williamsburg staple. 

"That's easy to say, but really hard to do," the venue's co-owner Charley Ryan says. "The only way to do something really original is to do something difficult. It has to be difficult." 

Brooklyn Bowl celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend with its eighth Bowlive -- a residency with Soulive that's become synonymous with the venue. The first Bowlive locked in the musicians for 10 nights over two weeks with guest, stand-in performers, something Ryan says was rarely done in the industry. Bowlive VIII stretches three nights, Thursday through Saturday, and just like any event at the venue, it combines live performances with the indoor sport. 

The event "shows what we wanted to do" with Brooklyn Bowl, Ryan says, which is to stand out in the flood of New York City music venues. 

visit it.

Washington Heights has plenty to explore, but if
Photo Credit: Jeff Bachner

Washington Heights has plenty to explore, but if you live in, say, Bushwick, it's a bit of a hike to get there. (Likely 70-plus minutes and two subway lines, to be specific-ish.) So here's a pitch for making the trip because, once you're there, it's easy to spend a full (and tasty) day.

As all good days begin with coffee (or tea or whatever your starter of choice), we suggest taking the A to 181st Street; from there it's just a six-minute walk to the cozy Cafe Buunni, a community-minded spot where the java is made from hand-picked, small-batch roasted beans. Grab it to go and, really, take your pick: How about wandering Fort Tyron Park? It's home to eight miles of paths as well as the gorgeous Cloisters, The Met's Medieval cousin. That jaunt in itself feels like a mini-European vacation.

Back in the modern-day Heights, the food and cocktail options abound, and our tour includes a favorite for arepas (a sandwich with corn cakes subbing for bread), an Irish pub and homey Italian restaurant on through a nightcap at an unpretentious but trendy enough bar.


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