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Lola Jean to lead a Wrestling for Lovers fitness class this month

Lola Jean, pictured with Coach LT, will teach

Lola Jean, pictured with Coach LT, will teach Wrestling for Lovers on Feb. 21 at Brooklyn Zoo. Photo Credit: Lola Jean

This roughhousing is for adults only.

Learn how to play fight — and kick it up a sexier notch — this month with Wrestling for Lovers: Valentine’s Edition, a sex-positive fitness class at Brooklyn Zoo.

Taught by Lola Jean, a sex educator and mental health professional, Wrestling for Lovers isn’t full of leather and latex. Rather, the class uses legit jiujitsu moves to help you and your partner fight for the top — while not breaking anyone’s arm or spitting out teeth.

Whether you want to indulge your wrestling fetish or pretend you’re one of the ladies from “Glow,” just be sure to come to class with your workout clothes on.

amNewYork spoke with Jean about what to expect at the Feb. 21 workshop.

Why bring wrestling into the bedroom?

I noticed that when I was having sex, I would put [my partner] in my guard or wrap my legs around them, and I would do it to either show my strength or to do it to assist in the sex so they aren’t doing all the work or to make certain positions easier. People like to play fight and that seems fun, but they don’t know what they’re doing. . . . When you learn, it’s safer and you’re using less energy because you’re doing it properly and working together, and then you have more energy for the actual sex. And it can heighten different sexual experiences.

Do you have to be super in-shape?

It’s all levels. It isn’t about brute strength because we’re showing people how to use their body and their body placement to be more effective. You can use being smaller and skinny to your advantage just like you can use being bigger and slower to your advantage.

Is this geared toward people in the kink scene?

You don’t have to be [dominant, submissive] or the least bit kinky to enjoy the physicality of this. It’s just about making something physical less difficult. [And] it doesn’t have to be couples. It can be girlfriends who giggle because they realize their own strength, like, “I just moved your whole body with just my legs!” We show [women] it’s about awareness of their body, and they are surprised by their strength. And it’s cool with jiujitsu because it’s about strategizing.

But wrestling can get sexy . . .

We are making it sexier, but if we took it out of context and put it in a gym, it would look like normal jiujitsu. We’re doing this move and their face is in your crotch — think about how that could be fun if their clothes weren’t on.


Wrestling for Lovers is Feb. 21 from 8-10 p.m. at Brooklyn Zoo | 230 Bogart St., East Williamsburg | tickets $45/single, $80/couple at

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