Mayor Bill de Blasio Wednesday ripped into the Taxi of Tomorrow a day after his administration successfully defended the Bloomberg-era initiative in court.

De Blasio told reporters his opinion of the Taxi of Tomorrow plan has not changed since his days as public advocate and a mayoral candidate, whose campaign received funds from the yellow taxi industry.

“I don't think the process was done right. I think it is not right to have a single vehicle approved instead of a variety of vehicles that meet certain standards,” he said. “I don't like that we've lost an opportunity to create jobs here in New York City. I don't like Nissan's involvement in Iran. I don't like a lot of things about this.”

De Blasio's remarks followed a state appeals court decision on Tuesday that reversed a ruling that said the Taxi and Limousine Commission overstepped its authority. Under the program, the taxi fleet must use the Nissan NV200, which won a 10-year contract in a competition held by the Bloomberg administration.

The appeals court’s decision allowed the de Blasio administration to move forward with the taxi initiative, but he still believes “it was a broken process on many levels.”

De Blasio’s TLC Commissioner, Meera Joshi, said in a statement that “we are looking at what possible changes could be made to the program. But at this stage, it is premature to assess those options until we have final clarity on the legal situation.”

Nissan spokesman Travis Parman touted its taxi model as safe, comfortable and convenient for passengers and drivers that won its contract through a competitive process.

“We remain committed to honoring our contract with the city and the taxi cause,” Parman said in a statement.

-With Emily Ngo