The East River Ferry resumed partial service on Wednesday after Tuesday's suspension due to ice.

On Wednesday, the ferry operated with delays except for South Williamsburg, which is inaccessible in both directions due to ice.

The decision to halt the commuter ferry service running from midtown Manhattan to Wall Street, with stops along the Queens and Brooklyn waterfront, comes after the service had to be temporarily suspended Monday; boats were also unable to get to Greenpoint and Long Island City stops, and had problems running smoothly through the water.

“Just navigating through giant ice floes on my way to work this morning” wrote commuter Eva Medoff on her Instagram photo Monday.

The ferry company's spokesman, Pat Smith for New York Waterway, said this week was the first time service had to be suspended for ice. Hudson River boats, meanwhile, are still running, he said. “Pushing a ferry through the ice is like trying to push your car through the snow,” Smith said.

New York Waterway decided to pull back service this morning after seeing the ice levels at different ferry docks; the service was suspended all day.

“They are watching hour-by-hour,” he said on Tuesday.

Winter posed a problem for operations last February when a dock in Greenpoint took a plunge into the river, which Smith said had nothing to do with ice. The dock was back by July.