A Long Island mom's Facebook post searching for a Southwest Airlines flight attendant who helped ease her holiday travel woes has gone viral on social media.

Islip's Heather Gooch wrote to Southwest on Tuesday detailing the fantastic experience she says she and her husband had while flying home from Florida with their 9-month-old son.

The attendant, initially identified only as “Anisse,” went above and beyond to help make sure the baby’s first trip went as smooth as possible, Gooch writes.

“I have NEVER had a flight attendant as kind and as helpful as she was,” Gooch says in her Facebook post. “My son adored her.”

Gooch says the attendant even came over and picked her baby up when he began to cry. She carried him with her as she walked the aisle and even kept him occupied while his parents enjoyed lunch.

More than 40,000 shares, 350,000 likes and 7,000 comments later, Gooch found the mysterious flight attendant.

“Y’all are going to make me cry!” Anissa Brownsugar Charles commented on the Facebook post. “It was truly my pleasure and he made MY day!!”

Charles continued to write that she understands how frustrating being trapped on a plane can be for a young child.

Gooch’s story has encouraged others to share their positive experiences with Southwest flight attendants.