Low gas prices mean more trips over Labor Day weekend: AAA

Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in 10 years.

More Americans will travel over Labor Day since 2008 — due to the cheapest gas prices in 10 years, said AAA on Thursday.

In New York City, gas prices have fallen to $2.53 per gallon — down 90 cents from a year ago. The previous low was $1.85 in 2004.

More than 35 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more between Thursday, Sept. 3 and Monday, Sept. 7.

“Cheap gas, strong new vehicle sales and an improved household economy continue to motivate travelers to take a trip,” said AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair in a statement.

Most Americans will drive — only 7.4% will fly. But New York City airports are expected to get 1.5 million travelers.

Another 2.5 million people will drive on the city’s interstate bridges and tunnels during the holiday weekend.

Top spots for New Yorkers to get away from this year include Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Orlando, Florida, and Washington, D.C., AAA added.

Less than 7% of Americans will use a train, bus, or cruise to get away.

AAA also warned that Tropical Storm Erika could disrupt travel plans for New Yorkers heading to Florida and the Northeast Coast, as well as impact gas prices.

Rebecca Harshbarger