MTA bans hoverboards with new subway, bus ad

“Let’s travel together safely,” the ad says.

Hoverboards not allowed.

That is the clear message the MTA is sending to riders through a new ad campaign against the Back-to-the-Future-style toys.

The ads warn that the controversial hoverboards are not safe and can catch fire. There have been multiple instances of hoverboard batteries exploding since they became popular gifts this past holiday season.

“Let’s travel together safely,” the ad says, showing a bubble person riding and carrying a board.

Hoverboards were banned last month on subways, buses, the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North and the Staten Island Railway, according to the agency. They have also been banned on all Access-a-Ride vehicles.

Skateboards, skates and scooters are also prohibited, according to the agency.

Alison Fox