MTA ‘Courtesy Counts’ campaign arrives on Metro-North, LIRR trains

Because all public transit users are created equal, the MTA is next taking it’s “Courtesy Counts” campaign to the commuter rails.

And while “showtime” and pole hogging isn’t the problem on the Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North that it is on subways, other annoyances will look familiar to all riders.

2,000 new posters have gone up on trains reminding customers of what’s proper and what’s not, according to the MTA.

The campaign discourages bad commuter habits, including putting feet up on seats, leaving bags in aisles and not stepping aside to let riders exit. The posters look much like those on the city subways, but the messages differ slightly. Here’s a sampling:

Groom At Home

Use The Overhead Rack

Keep The Volume to Yourself

Keep Your Feet Off The Seat

Take Your Litter With You

“When you’re spending upwards of an hour or two per day, sharing space with others, it’s important to maintain a certain level of courtesy,” LIRR president Patrick Nowakowski said in a statement to Newsday. “The simple act of keeping your feet off the seats or holding onto your belongings makes for a more comfortable trip for everyone.”

But our big question, and we assume yours too, has to do with that pesky condition called the “manspread.” Do males feel the need to seat hog on Metro-North, too?


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