No 24/7 subway service? New Yorkers respond to proposal on Twitter

New York City without a 24-hour subway system?

The bold idea was proposed by a group of transit experts as a way to upgrade and maintain the system's outdated stations.

In a report released Thursday, the Regional Plan Association said the MTA should consider shutting down the subways between 12:30 and 5 a.m. on weekdays in order to modernize the system, writing that only 1.5 percent of the total weekday ridership use the subways in that time frame.

"The overwhelming majority of people who ride the subway during the daytime would benefit from the better, more reliable, cleaner and better-maintained system that weeknight closures allow," the RPA report said.

But many New Yorkers aren't on board.

"Worst idea in history," one wrote on Twitter following reports of the proposal.

"We live, work, and need transport at all hours in this city," another wrote. "How will bartenders get home or nurses go into work, for instance?"

There would need to be an alternative, the RPA said in the report, suggesting that buses mimic the subway service overnight to accommodate commuters.

Still, many people disagreed with the proposal completely. Here's a look at some of those reactions.

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