Happy Monday! Hope you left extra time if you didn't want to be late for work.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, C, E, B, D, F, M, G and L lines had rush hour delays on Monday morning, according to the MTA's website.

The 1, 2, 3 lines were delayed due to an incident at East 180th St. in the Bronx, which affected the 5 line as well. The 4, 5, 6 lines were delayed to an incident at Grand Central-42nd St., and 6 trains are running express from Hunts Points Ave. to Parkchester due to a sick passenger at Parkchester. An incident at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave. led to delays on the A, C, E trains and the F train as well. Signal problems at Church Ave. in Brooklyn led to F trains being terminated at Church Ave., and the G trains are running express from Smith-9th St. to Church Ave.

And to add insult to injury to L train riders, the L train was shut down due to an incident at 1st Ave. Service resumed with delays by 9 a.m.

At least there's the bus ... except with this weather ... oh never mind.