The next phase of the Second Avenue subway and the long-awaited subway countdown clocks would be on the chopping block if the MTA must pair back its $32 billion capital plan.

Keeping trains, commuter rails and buses in good working order are a priority, MTA CEO and Chairman Thomas Prendergast told Albany lawmakers Monday.

Without getting $15 billion to fully fund the MTA's request, projects that will get pushed off "will first come out of expansion," Prendergast said. "Second Avenue subway, next phase, will be the first."

After decades of aborted attempts to build the subway, the first phase -- bringing the Q train to the Upper East Side to 96th Street -- will be complete by 2017. The second phase would bring the Q train up to 125th Street.

Another project that could be disrupted without sufficient funding is bringing the Long Island Rail Road into Grand Central Terminal. Prendergast said the MTA may have to refund money to contractors if that project cannot get the money it needs to wrap up.

Meanwhile, there could be no money to brind the popular countdown clocks on the numbered trains to the lettered lines.

"Things like countdown clocks, things like features and elements of the system that maybe the millennials depend on and consider to be entitlements would have to be sacrificed," Prendergast said.