NY Water Taxi ferry service offering Citi Bike discounts

The deal will get west side ferry commuters to their downtown jobs faster.

Citi Bike is pedaling further into the city’s transportation network with a deal to get ferry commuters on the west side to their jobs downtown faster, a first-of-its-kind offer, the bike share operator said.

Passengers on the New York Water Taxi’s newest ferry service from the far west side to the World Financial Center will get a discounted pass for Citi Bike. This part of the west side will have a residential boom from nearby developments and will be served by an extension of the No. 7 line.

Dani Simons, a spokeswoman for NYC Bike Share, said she had seen comments on social media about how Citi Bike is used to get to ferry docks on the waterfront. Data from Citi Bike has shown that docks outside major transportation hubs like Grand Central Terminal and Union Square see more activity.

“It seemed like a natural idea that would help fill a desire that people already had and inspire more people to try Citi Bike,” she said.

Under the promotion, Water Taxi riders pay $12 a day for a 24-hour Citi Bike pass along with two ferry rides. That is an introductory price that will increase to $18 in the coming months, the companies noted. For $49, riders get two trips a day during the week and the $25 seven-day Citi Bike pass.

Water Taxi will cover the discounted Citi Bike passes, but the company did not have a figure for how much that would cost. Riders pay $4.50 per ride, $8 round-trip, and the 65-passenger boats run during the morning and evening rush.

“Taking a bike to the ferry makes a lot of sense,” said New York Water Taxi’s Brian McCabe. “It’s taking two alternative forms of transportation and bringing them together and creating an opportunity for people.”