Some Citywide Ferry boats will be named by NYC kids

New Yorkers could soon be hitching a ride to work on the “Friendship Express.”

That’s a name in the running for one of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Citywide Ferry Service boats set to launch this summer. If the name suggests youthful innocence, well, that’s because a second grader thought of it.

The New York City Economic Development Corp. is polling second graders from classrooms near ferry landings across the city to come up with monikers for 13 of the new vessels being built for the first phase of the new ferry network.

Also in the running: The Lunchbox.

Don’t expect all ferries to bear whimsical names. As part of the project, students are researching maritime history to find ways to pay tribute to the city’s nautical roots.

“We asked second graders from schools near Citywide Ferry landings to propose names for our new boats,” said EDC President James Patchett in a statement. “These are kids who have been studying New York civic history, so we got both some really cute and creative names—like Lunchbox and Friendship Express—and some ideas that reference the rich maritime history of our city. We’re very excited to finalize names and announce them soon.”

When service does launch, rides will cost $2.75, but fares won’t be integrated with the MTA’s fare payment model—meaning that riders won’t get a free transfer from boat to subway.

Each vessel will have free Wi-Fi, USB charging stations and a concession stand stocked with beer. The first phase of service will launch the Rockaway, Astoria and South Brooklyn routes. The second phase will bring another two routes online, the Soundview and Lower East Side, and will launch in 2018.

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