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Overcrowding, snacking passengers top NYC subway gripes, survey finds

The G train tied with the 7 train

The G train tied with the 7 train as the worst in the city, a YouGov survey found. Photo Credit: Flickr / qsctmc295

The riders have spoken: The G and the 7 subway lines are the worst, according to a YouGov survey of subway riders released on Thursday.

YouGov surveyed 594 adults ages 18 and up, 47% of whom ride the subway regularly. Twenty percent of respondents called the subway their most preferred mode of transportation (although 34% of respondents picked cars over subways because duh), with the 1 and the F lines having the most riders among the respondents (7%).

Nine percent of respondents said they found the G and the 7 lines to be the worst, beating out the No. 2 subway line, which the Straphangers Campaign reported last year as the worst subway line. It's definitely a blow for G train riders, who earlier this week believed they saw two women fall out of a portal, lending a kind of magical mystery to the subway. The answer, though, turned out to be kind of run-of-the-mill.

Survey respondents said they ranked their choices based off trains arriving too infrequently (44%), delays (43%) and trains being too overcrowded (38%).

The survey also asked about the major problems on the subway. Overcrowding is key on everyone's minds, with 29% of respondents listing that as the worst aspect of the NYC subways. It far beat out expense (11%) and trains arriving too infrequently (9%).

Despite the phrase "MTA time," 57% said trains arrive frequently. And despite the (unfounded) fears of getting Ebola on the subway, 39% of respondents said the subway cars are clean. (Ok, sure, if you want to believe!)

It wasn't all negative: The 1 and the L (Brooklyn, keep being you) tied for the best line, with 6% each picking those lines. Although a hearty 27% answered "don't know."

The overall best aspect of the subway: That it's 24/7. Aw, New York, we just can't quit you.


Worst aspect of NYC subways:
- Too crowded - 29%
- Too expensive - 11%
- Trains too infrequent - 9%
- Poor night and weekend ervice - 7%
- Dirty cars - 6%
- Panhandlers - 6%
- Behavior of other riders - 6%

Best aspect of NYC subways:
- 24-hour service - 47%
- Gets you where you need to go - 27%
- New modern cars - 4%
- Electronic time tables - 3%
- Fares reasonable - 3%
- Other - 16%

Copping to bad behavior:
- Eating food, drinking - 36%
- Spreading out on seats - 9%
- Putting bags on seats - 10%
- Declining to offer a seat - 8%
- Holding doors - 12%
- Hogging pole - 7%
- Blocking riders from enterting, exiting - 14%
- None - 40%

(Note: Respondents chose all that applied, leading to results over 100%.)

-- With Dan Rivoli


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