Shirtless man attempts long jump over subway tracks, fails

That’s going to leave a mark.

A scantily clad man took to the air while waiting for the subway. It didn’t go well. 

video uploaded Wednesday night documents the man taking an inspired and unwavering leap of faith as he attempts to jump over the subway tracks to get to the opposite platform, only to come up short and receive a full-body smack-down on the opposite ledge. 

The man bounces back from the hard hit, however, and heaves himself up the ledge without missing a beat, avoiding the electric rails and teaching us all a lesson in resilience. 

An observer of the incident sporting enviable sideburns then turns and shoots the camera a look that is somewhere between “what did I just watch?” and “only in New York.”

What does the MTA think of these antics?

“The sheer stupidity in this video speaks for itself,” said spokesman Kevin Ortiz. 

(With Ivan Pereira)