NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar turns up the heat with diverse, good-humored models

🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎶 No, not Christmas. We’re talking about the 2018 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar, of course.

The annual calendar featuring the city’s hottest (and most hilarious — we’re looking at you, Mr. April) cab drivers is back, and this edition received a little extra oomph from “strongwoman,” Nipa (Ms. October).

The calendar, which is sold online for $14.99, features a diverse array of characters who hail from seven different countries. Nipa is the third woman to be featured in the calendar’s history, and the first Bangladeshi woman to make an appearance, according to creators Phillip and Shannon Kirkman.

“These drivers put a face to one of the most dedicated workforces, driving day and night to transport New Yorkers and our guests alike,” the couple says on their website.

Now in its fifth edition, the husband and wife team were first inspired to published the calendar after a similar Christmas gag gift featuring Phillip’s brother was, “well received among family and friends.”

A portion of the proceeds is donated to University Settlement, which offers services like housing and literacy programs to immigrants. To date, calendar sales have raised over $60,000 in donations.

Scroll down for a sneak peek at this year’s calendar hotties.

Lauren Cook