Magnolia Bakery's famous banana pudding is getting a makeover this summer.

Between June and September, the brick-and-mortar bakery will start a monthly series, offering a new pudding flavor each month, beginning with a rainbow pudding with edible confetti.

In the coming months, Magnolia shoppers can grab pints of "Magic" (vanilla pudding with toasted coconut, graham crackers and chocolate chips), s'mores and salted caramel flavored puddings.

Also coming in June: The bakery will start shipping its original banana pudding all over the country. Customers can order six 16 ounce tubs of the dessert online for $48, plus shipping.

Though Magnolia has been offering nationwide shipping on some of its desserts since 2011, adding banana pudding to the lineup came down to the packaging, as the pudding needs to stay at the same temperature in order to ship, said the bakery's spokeswoman, Sara Gramling.

"Our cookies and cupcakes are shipped frozen, but you can't freeze banana pudding," Gramling said.

Magnolia already ships its cupcakes, macaroons and brownies all over the country.